Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Que Hermosa Que Sos Formosa

Transfers! y.... me voy!
That’s right! I got transferred! I’m out here chillin’ in Formosa capital now! I’m in an area called Circunvalación right now with my new comp, Elder Sears, from Georgia! Things are going to be so awesome here! Our area includes part of Formosa Capital but also includes a little colony just right outside of the city! The colony is super dope and all the people there are super awesome! They speak Spanish just as well as we do because they actually have their own language called tubo or something like that! It’s pretty dope and Formosa is so beautiful, so many palm trees and rivers and the sunsets are unreal!! I Love it here so much already! But once you get transferred into Formosa you are there for a looonnngggg time, so it might be a while until I see Chaco or Corrientes!

But my last week in Resi was alright! The bromance of Elder Johnson and Elder Peters finally broke off with these transfers, he actually got transferred as well right across the street to Barranqueres in place of Elder Karmonov who just returned home to Buenos Aires today! But I kind of miss Peurto Vilelas and the members there! But obviously I’m needed somewhere else!

Not a lot went down in my last week though. We did see another death in the ward here. A mother of 3 died of a bacterial infection from the water that literally ate away her insides.  We went and gave her a blessing last Monday and she looked in such bad shape, then Wednesday we got a text saying she had passed... These are the times its sucks to be a missionary.  You get the full picture of people’s lives.  You so close to these people you’re like family, but that means being involved in their lives, especially when things get super rough, like a death... But that’s the life of a missionary! You just have to keep looking up!

But hope you all have a good week! All is well here! I’m healthy, I’m safe hopefully... I’m still new here so I don’t know how safe it is here...and just keep chugging along every day!
Have a good week!
Elder Peters
So fresh and so clean.

hey fam!

So still nothing really personal to share this week either... everything else will just come in my weekly email! But I got transferred! I’m up in Formosa Capital right now with my new companion Elder Sears from Georgia! It’s been pretty chill here I only have about 24 hours here so far so all has been well! Formosa is so pretty but the centro is super gross and back of street markets.  But the area is super dope! Things have just been chugging along! Elder Johnson got moved up to Zone leader across the hall with Elder Hendersen back in Chaco for his last 2 transfers! But the people here in Formosa are awesome! Things just continue to go really well.  Glad to hear back home things are going well, Rachel sent me an email crying about the play so I already heard... Haven’t heard from Will at all so his loss.  But just make sure to get the new carpet before I get home! Man I miss that stuff!  But I’m doing just fine... broke after traveling at the end of the month... but I’m fine!
Hope all continues to go well!
Elder Peters

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