Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey everyone!!

So this week was pretty tranquilo! Elder Daniels and I are putting here in Formosa and we have really hit the ground running this past week! We talked with a lot of people and still managed to screw around and have a little fun along the way!! But other than that all is well here... 

But this past week Argentina celebrated el 25 de Mayo! No one actually knows why they celebrate it but they do... We asked about 50 people before someone finally knew... Apparently in the 1800´s the 25th of May is when the war to liberate Argentina from Spain (or England... that’s still remains an unknown fact...).  So they celebrate that day and the 9th of July which is the day they finally won the battle to liberate the country... So we will be looking forward to a lot of holidays these next few months!! But everyone celebrates by eating Locro (a traditional argentine soup made with like every vegetable and meat known to man....) It is traditional made with mondongo, cow stomach and intestines, but the Locro that we ate didn’t have that in it so it apparently wasn’t real Locro... but it was good... it tasted like a normal soup... I still don’t know why they freak out for it... But we spent all the day in the chapel eating with the members and after hitting around a volleyball with them! 

But other than that all is well with us down here!! Elder Daniels and I are just having a great time together! There is never a dull moment in our district! Elder Daniels finishes 1 year in the mission THIS FRIDAY! So this Friday will be special day that we will have to go celebrate! 

But were still alive, we found a gas tank and a little rubber coso to stop it from leaking gas (I don’t know if I told you guys that already, but we were without gas for like 5 days it sucked...) and we finally got our shower head fixed so I don’t have to worry about getting hypothermia anymore!! So right now we are living the lindo life here in Formosa, even though all but one of the lightbulbs in our penison burned out.... and we don’t have money to fix it....

But all is well! Hope you all have a good week!
With love

Elder Peters

Argentine swag for the 25 de Mayo! Blue eyes, blue ties.

All dat locro tho...

Sup Elder Fam,

So all is well here in Formosa!! Elder Daniels and I put in the WORK this week and I taught more lessons then I ever have in the mission for the week! So that was dope!! But we just spent all week working hard basically...

This past Wednesday was the start of the Argentine independence month/ day.... We asked like 50 people but all don’t actually know why they celebrate the 25 de Mayo.... But apparently it is when the battle in Buenos Aires started against Spain (or England... this is a detail that no one actually knows....) and 9 de Julio is actually the independence day.... But we still celebrated!  At the church they had an activity where they made Locro! an Argentine delicacy but it’s basically just like soup with like 50 different meats and stuff... it didn’t taste any different but the Argentines go CRAZY for it!!

But that’s about it... Not much else happened this week!! If I think of anything else, I will write it in the group email!!

Sounds like all is well back home!! Keep having fun!!

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