Sunday, May 22, 2016

Varas de Fuego

¡Sup fam!

So not a lot went down this past week... Elder Daniels is still getting adjusted to the area and so we went out to walk the calle and taught some lessons along the way!  It’s his first time in Formosa and he is super excited to be here where people actually want to talk to us!  We have hit it off really well and we have even started writing some wraps together (some "fire bars" digamos) So be expecting the hottest mixtape of 2016 to be dropping from Formosa Argentina here in the near future!

But I don’t have a lot to talk about this week! It was just a week of getting to know the new comp and hit the ground running with a new face and style here in Formosa! But we are just having a great time together have been laughing since the time he stepped off the bus!

But this next week I’m doing a bit of traveling to go do paperwork to finally get my Argentine ID! So I’ll be going to Corrientes this week to finalize all my stuff and sitting in Argentine government office is always super fun right??

But all is going well!! I’m still healthy and chugging along speaking Spanish which is still kind of weird to think about....

Hope all is well back home with all of you guys!
With love,
Elder Pedros

Jon and Jon: Me and my comp just chillin'

Hola fam

So everything is super good down here!! me and my comp are doing awesome and he’s in shock, it’s his first time in Formosa and he’s just shocked about how many lesson we teach in a day... we only teach like 2 or 3 in a day... apparently in Corrientes a 0 lesson day is normal hahaha But we are super excited! The work has kind of slowed down here after we had all those baptisms but we are finding new people every day!

But not much else has gone on since last week! Elder Daniels is still getting adjusted to the area so were just out teaching charlas and still getting to know each other! We have hit it off really well and have had a great time together even though we don’t even have a full week together!

But like in terms of things I would want like sí o sí some peanut butter... it’s hard to find here and when you do its super expensive... Like I don’t really have a favorite candy... anything that is American is perfectly fine with me!!! 

It’s nice to see that dad was able to pull off the whole breakfast thing... Its sounded like it was a really stressor and obstacle he had to overcome in life.......

Mom I’m getting enough food I’m fine...

And Elder Sears doesn’t need anything more mom his mom already send him enough as is....

But that’s about it!! I’m still alive!
Have a great week!                                                                                                             
Love you all,


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