Sunday, May 22, 2016


Sup everyone!!

So this past week was tranquilo no mas.... We had a leader from our church come and give capcitations and all that fun stuff so we didn’t see a lot of time to work in our area this past week... But all is well! We capped the week talking with our families over skype for Mother’s Day! So that was dope and all.

At the Mulizona...reunited and it feels so 
good with Elder Carrizales
But yesterday we saw transfers and the news is I’m staying!! 6 more weeks in Formosa in Barrio Nomqom!! but my comp, Elder Sears, got the ax... He left yesterday morning for Pasos de Los Libres in Corrientes... So my new comp is Elder Daniels from Pennsylvania! I love this guy already he is so funny!! We’re going to have a great time together these next 6 weeks!! He has never been in the city before so for him being in Formosa Capital will be a big change for him thankfully he’s got me as a comp, someone who has never left the big city yet for campo...

But Not much else went down or is worthy of telling... I’m just stoked to stay here in Formosa especially in Nonqom where the people are just so awesome and you can’t walk down the road without a group of 15 little kids running up and tackling you yelling "ABRAZO ABRAZO!!!" which just means hug... So it should be fun! They’re like a family to us missionaries out there!!

But have a great week! Hope all is well with you all back home!!
Elder Peters

Aguante Boca

Sup dad

So we didn’t really work at all this past week... with multizonas, stake conference, skype and all that stuff we didn’t see a lot of time to work in our area... so nothing new really....

But it was nice talking to you guys! literally like 10 minutes after I hung up we got a call saying that Elder Sears is leaving for Pasos de los Libros... so I’m still here in Formosa with my new comp Elder Daniels from Pennsylvania!! He’s super dope and like a foot taller than me so it will be fun!! He’s a really good guy!!

Not going to lie I saw the Blazers last night after Steph dropped 40... we went to a restaurant for the birthday of our zl and it was all over Sportscenter down here... but it was weird to see the Rose Garden in all its glory down here in Argentina!  It’s a shame they’re down 3-1 in the series....
But all is well!! going to be putting in some work this week!!

Have a great one!

Elder Peters

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