Wednesday, May 25, 2016


That’s right fam... I took a trip back to the United States this past week!! But without actually leaving Argentina...

So this past week I got a call saying I needed to come down to Resistencia to do some paper work for my legality stuff... So Wednesday morning I was on a bus at 5 in the morning and got to Resi at like 7… from there we got in the mission truck and drove off to Corrientes capital to sit in a chair for 5 minutes telling me that I’m LEGAL! So like 6 hours of travels... 600 pesos later... all to lead up to the 5-minute wait just to receive some papers.... so that was fun! 

But Corrientes is AWESOME! I have been in Formosa for so long I forgot what the real world looks like! But there’s parts of Corrientes that look like the United States, especially the mall, where we went for lunch and enjoyed the only McDonalds in our entire mission! So it was nice to live the Lindo life for a day (aka The States life...) But after that I was on the first bus back to Formosa.... so now I’m back to the pobre life.....

So I don’t know if I already told y’all this but apparently the Indians (my homies out in Nonqom) have like super awesome dreams just every night! Well one of the members (Luis) told us he had a dream that He had to cross this super strong river that was washing away and killing a lot of people, but luckily, Elder Daniels and I were there, walking on the water, and helped him cross and get to safety! Like yeah missionaries are pretty cool and all, but I do still fault the walking on water part!

But other than that were just doing fine! Elder Daniels and I are bros! We are just goofing around up here and dancing around the pension every day to church music... its super fun and we are just making the most out of our time here in Formosa!!

But that’s all for this week! Love you all
Have a great week!
Elder Peters

Sup Elder Fam!

So this past week was really tranquilo again... it’s getting to the point where nothing new is going on hahaha Elder Daniels and I are just chuggin’ along everyday just chillin’ with the investigators! But I did make a trip back to Resistencia this week and I’m finally LEGAL! So that was probably the highlight of the week but not much else!!

So that was dope but right now we are having problems finding our progressing investigators so right now we have like 0.... we have some dope plans to get to work in this next week so we will see!!

But everything is good and mom luckily Elder Daniels likes to cook so I am getting fed well even though the trip to Resistencia left me with 0 money the rest of the month... so hopefully we survive.............

But not much else happened... When are Kirstin and Ron getting married?? Did Will and Astrid get back to Oregon?? When is the graduation??

But all is well! I’m alive and well!

Until next week!


Foto with George the cat!

Formosa Cruz at 5 in the morning

Back in the States! (AKA Corrientes shopping mall)

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