Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aguante.... Chile??

Sup everyone!

So it’s true.... the greatest futbal team in the world lost last night to Chile in the COPA America Final.... There were no riots or people yelling in the streets like some of y’all have seemed to think... no everyone just seems really depressed today...

But this past week we just saw rain, rain, and more rain....... and it’s still cold.... So nothing has really changed!! We had a grand total of 19 people come to church this past week (6 of them being missionaries) so it was suuupppeerrr tranquilo.... It apparently hit hard all around the mission as well so we weren’t the only ones that faulted people in the church this past week!

But all is well for now!! My first district meeting didn’t go too well... I’m just not a good public speaker... especially in Spanish... Hopefully the meeting we have tomorrow will go a lot smoother then the first!!

Rip City with some nice tan lines
But all is well!! Were still just chugging along here in Formosa! Things have always and probably will be pretty tranquilo!!

Have a great week and enjoy the Summer!!
Elder Peters

Hey fam

So all is well there’s no riots in the streets or anything... everyone is just super depressed today.... We didn’t have to stay in the pension at all last night since the game started at 8 and we had to be in the pension at 9 so it was all tranquilo...

But Nothing really new has gone down this week! I’m just with my new comp in the same area... It rained...a lot... and 19 people came to church last week... the missionaries making up 6 of those people... That’s what happens when you change up the schedule! I’m pretty sure with the cold and the hard rain that hit the entire mission the highest attendance was in a ward here in Formosa with about 29 people...

But nothing really new! We have just been working out here! With so much time in one area it gets hard to find new things to write about! My first district meeting didn’t go too well... I’m just not a good public speaker... especially in Spanish...
so tomorrow I will have a redemption shot at it!

But it sounds like things have just gotten a lot busier with the start of Summer! Good luck with everything!!

I don’t know if I have much more to say but there will be another email hahaha.

Have a great week!


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