Saturday, July 16, 2016

Do Work, Like a 9 to 5

Hello everyone!!

So this past week was pretty good!
Still alive so I guess it’s been going well, haha.

But this past week nothing really big happened... Argentina did celebrate its day of independence this past week of the 9th! We didn’t really celebrate at all... we really didn’t do anything at all la verdad... No one wanted to talk to us... They really go hard the like US does for independence day... all they really do is congregate at the schools to watch these shows that the kids put on (it’s like the Pledge of Allegiance but a giant ceremony type deal...)

But we’re preparing for a baptism this next week so we are super excited!! We have met a lot of super awesome people this past week so we actually have people that love us for once! nahhh... But my comp is getting jealous that everyone out in Barrio Nomqom knows my name… so when we are walking down the street they’re all yelling "PETERS" and all the little kids come up and try to tackle me.... I’m just so famous around here I guess😏

But I feel like every week my emails are getting shorter and shorter... that’s because the same thing happens every week... Just another week here in Formosa.... still just chugging along!!  Hope all is well for you guys back home! Would love to hear your guys plans for the summer/ this up and coming fall!

Elder Peters

 Hola fam,

Thank you for everything! I was kind of let down though when I found out that not everything was from the States (Nutella is made in Canada and the Sour Patch Kids are made in Mexico...) close enough I guess???

But I look forward to the other one as well! And before you start thinking about a birthday package just know the only thing I really need is Gs and Socks....

So dad is ditching town right as mom gets sick like always no?? interesting... but have fun anyways!!

But this past week is good! We are planning another baptism this next week so we are super excited!! But other than that we fault contact with some other investigators with a baptismal date this past week... so updates to come I guess!!

Update on our amigo the devil worshiper, 3 lessons in and he has already quit his other church, accepted that Joseph Smith was a prophet and is reading the Book of Mormon! The church is true folks... but he still has a mountain of other obstacles to overcome before he comes anywhere near baptism..... But he’s is so AWESOME! There’s always 1 investigator that you always look forward to teaching and he is definitely him!!

But all has been well for us! we continue to work hard and all... this past week was 9 de Julio (Argentine Independence day) but nothing happened...... we just didn’t find any charlas at all that day so it was rough.... But it is hard to believe that we are already on week 4 of the 6 week transfers!!

But all is well! I’m healthy and alive! The Stake down here is in pretty bad shape so we had a very difficult ward council yesterday... I don’t know if I will be here any longer to see the outcome within the next couple months but we are working hard to get things turned around!!

Have a great week! Feel better mom!!

tu hijito

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