Sunday, July 3, 2016


Holar todos

How’s it all going???

So this past week we had transfers! And I’m staying!! I guess I might just be staying here in Formosa for the rest of my life!! haha nahhh but I’m still stocked to be here!! my new companion is named Elder Allen from CAMAS WASHINGTON!! P Town reppin down here in Formosa together!! We are going to have an awesome time together these next few weeks!! But he’s newer to the mission so he has been fillin’ me on things like the Portland Timbers MLS cup and Trailblazers so hopefully I’m all caught up now!

But Elder Daniels went off to Resistencia to become a Zone Leader leaving me behind to follow in his footsteps as district leader here in Formosa.  I give my first District meeting tomorrow.... I’m not excited...

But nothing really happened this past week! It was pretty tranquilo! We talked with this one dude that had recently come out of the hospital with serious knife wounds.  Turns out he was trying to defend his house from robbers and went out with a hatchet (cause we all got one of those laying around the house ready for intruders right?) and how he almost killed a dude with it... so that was a pretty interesting story to hear! There will always be stories from the mission that we will always remember but the rest of the week was really low key! nothing crazy going on or nothing news worthy to keep y’all up on!

Elder Allen and I in front of Paraguay!
All is well! I’m still alive and healthy! Hopefully something more interesting next week! The Argentina vs USA COPA America Game is tonight if you didn’t know... so for the time being if anyone asks...I’m from Germany...

Elder Peters

I was companions with Messi


Well glad I got that out of the way....

But all is well and yes we had transfers... and I stayed!! So now I’m going to be pushing 6 months here in Formosa! but I have a new companion! his name is Elder Allen from CAMAS, WASHINGTON! so I don’t think we will have any problems getting along;) we already have talked about everything Portland! But he’s kind of new, he has like 3 transfers less than me so he’s still a jovensito in the mission!

To answer dads questions:
I’m in Formosa 2. Formosa 2 as of this transfer consists of 1 district with me being the district leader now. Every first Tuesday or Thursday of every month there is a consejode lideres in Resistencia where all the zone leaders go and that same week we have our zone meetings! District meetings happen every week when there’s no other meetings in place but for this transfer the only difference between zone/district meetings are the people giving the capcitations... They’re are going to be held in the capillas of Barrio Circunvalacion and Barrio Centinario in a weekly rotation...We do divisions once a transfer but our zone consists of 2 companionships of elders and 3 of sisters… so divisions don’t happen very often hahaha.

I haven’t eaten anything good recently no…mainly just rice and noodles...

I haven’t had the need to buy a jacket yet as it hasn’t gotten that cold... the long sleeve shirts have held me through until now!!

Yes, we all hear everything about the COPA America and of course we know the United States is playing Argentina! They will be playing at 10 tonight so we don’t need to worry about being in the calle when it starts! and I root for Argentina just for my own personal safety hahaha.

That’s basically it! not much is new for right now!!
With love!

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