Monday, July 4, 2016

BORN IN THE US (Argentina)


Well friends and family its the fourth of July and all is well here in Formosa still!

Fortunately, I was able to celebrate with fireworks today as there are protests in the streets, drums being banged, and fireworks being lit off... don’t ask me why but I sure do enjoy listening to the fireworks on this special day!

But this past week was kind of long but we got a LOT of work in! We’re always running around in all corners of our area and have been teaching some bomb lessons! It’s like being able to speak Spanish has made this whole missionary thing a lot easier!! But that doesn’t change the fact that we never get time to just rest for once.... I’m just always tired at this point... I now understand why my trainer Elder Johnson took every second he could to just lay in bed... even if it was for 2 minutes...

But there’s not much to talk about... Everyone has already forgotten about the COPA America... Although it sounds like Messi is leaving the team.... Still just chugging along out her in Formosa.... this Saturday is the day of Independence for Argentina as well!! so go out and celebrate today and now you have another excuse to do it all over again this Saturday!! (I will also complete 10 months as a missionary this Saturday as well... didn’t I just leave??)

Have a great week!
I love you all!!
Y 9 de JULIO!!!!

Elder Peters

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