Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Week

Hello all!!

So nothing to fill y’all up on this week!

I’m still alive and chugging along!

We worked a lot then did some service and planted trees this past Saturday.  Yesterday was a holiday so we went out to work, so that why you get to hear from me today! :-)

But I’m fine! hope you all have a great week!

Elder Peters

Hey fam!!
So nothing really new this week... we went contacting a lot... found some pretty cool people but spent all week getting rejected as well...

Elder White had his surgery this past week... apparently everything looks the same down there but at least the pain is gone... doctors said it would be awhile before everything is back to normal... so I don’t know when he is expected to come back to the mission.  Things with my trainee are going well! We still struggle to find something in common between us... but we still get along just fine!!  So nothing new... Just been out working and enjoying everyday!!

Elder Peters

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