Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Month of Storms

So, another transfer is in the books! and I’m staying in Maipú with Elder Steele!  So, we have another 6 weeks juntos in this crazy place!  But we have been doing good down here!  It’s still the same old same old here in Corrientes Capital!   But this past month has been especially great with all the storms that we have been having! October in Argentina is the month of rain... little did they forget to mention strong winds and crazy lighting storms! So, all this past week we have just been pounded with these crazy storms! Last night we helped a man get his car unstuck from the mud... but the only thing was that his entire front wheels were stuck in the mud... so it took another car and 6 men in the dumping rain to get this car unstuck from the road! We didn’t have our boots either so the 4 of us missionaries had to go bare foot in the mud to be able to help this poor guy out! But events like that are just the summary of how this past months has gone for us here! 

Hope you all have a great week and love you all!
Elder Pedros

P.S.  I did have some dope photos for this week but ran out of time to include them! But next week si o si!

Hola fam!

So, this week was pretty good!
I’m alive and doing well!
Well transfers hit and I’m staying with Elder Steele another one! So, we will see how this one goes if we can get the work started a little bit around here! Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd are staying as well so the partying continues as well! Only changes are that I’m district leader again...

But we have just been pounded by hard rain and lighting... we have some videos but it would impossible to send them home! But the weather has been all over the place! Yesterday we helped a guy get his car out from the mud! But when I say out of the mud I mean his entire front bumper was under the mud... but it’s been crazy to say the least! Just out here every day working hard! enjoying the weather!

Have a great week!
Elder Peters

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