Monday, October 3, 2016

Walked Through the River This Past Week!

Sorry for the emails getting shorter every week!   I have run out of things to email home about!

But this past week was the same old same old!
It all led up to General Conference this past weekend and it was dope! It could have been better but the down poor of rain led to some problems with the lights and satellite connection so there was a lot of running around trying to fix all the problems!!

But we just keep walking everyday making the most out of every moment! The training is going good! Elder Steele is doing just fine and adjusting well to the Argentina culture!

But miss you all and have a good week!

Elder Peters

My last week’s email was short because I ran out of thing to talk about....... Remember mom said this would happen!!  The training is going well! Yeah he’s fresh out the MTC so he doesn’t know a lot of what’s going on right now.... It’s not really hard it’s just a lot of work!!  I have only gotten a phone call about the package I have not gotten it yet so I have no idea.  Yes, McDonalds has the same food as they do in the states and it’s the same thing....

Conference was good but we had a lot of connection problems the first day so it was making it really hard to focus on it.  We watched in the gringo room but in the main room the satellite went out on their feed like 3 times so most of the members didn’t get to witness all of it. Our converts came on Sunday to hear the talks and it was a blessing to know that that’s what they needed to hear in that moment! I just hope they were listening haha. 

Tell everyone back home I say hi!

But all is well! still just out here chugging along!!


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