Sunday, October 2, 2016

Still out here…

A crazy week to say the least....

Wednesday morning, I was off to Resistencia to pick up my new companion, Elder Steele! fresh from the United States! It was interesting to be back in my steps almost a year ago, first getting to Argentina… probably freaking out like these kids were... and not being able to speak Spanish... it was definitely a very funny moment and made me realize just how far I have come in the past year!

He’s from Arizona! and although we don’t really have anything in common we still get along very well and we look forward to what these next 6 weeks have in store for us!

This week we also had another baptism! well, my first one here in Corrientes! Teresa and Antonio are super awesome and The brother, who just happened to be a member of the church, of Teresa came up from Buenos Aires to do the baptism! so it was a very special moment!

Then right after the baptism we had a Capilla Abierta. It’s an activity that they are really pushing that every chapel in Argentina does! so this week was our turn here in Mapiú/Laguna Seca! It was alright!  More than anything it was just an activity to open the doors of the capilla so that people could come and know more about the capilla and what exactly is the Church of Jesus Christ! It was super fun and we had this special kit sent up to us from B.A. so the chapel looked super good!

So it was a busy week! So now this next week we look forward to getting down to work and having some fun down here!!  Hope all is well for you all back at home!

Elder Peters

Antonio and Teresa and Elder Steele!

The Barrios Family!

Part of the Capilla Abierta!

Meet your 2 hosts of the Capilla Abierta 2016
de Maipú y Laguna Seca!

Hey fam...

Dude Eli (Marsh) is old enough to serve a mission?!?! that’s crazy!!

Life here in Corrientes is the same!! My new companion is Elder Steele from Arizona!! He’s super awesome! Fresh from the MTC! We had a busy week with a baptism and a capiila abierta! So it was a good week I guess!

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy! Hope you guys have a great week! more to come in a later email!

Elder Peters

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