Monday, October 10, 2016

Re: feliz cumpleaños


So this week was good!
Still nothing really big to fill you guys in on!!
This past week we found a family of 15 and 2 of them had already read all of the book of Mormon... but have never been to church so that could be the big problem!

My companion got bit by a dog for the first time as well!

But nothing really new!!
Elder Sheehan and Lloyd and Steele threw a mini party for me this morning with a cake and some ice cream but I didn’t tell anyone else it was my birthday so I didn’t get a load of tortas this past week!

But I won’t find out about the packages until Wednesday when we have our zone meeting.

Corrientes is a lot... harder... then Formosa
It’s a lot richer and nicer, still mainly dirt roads and things like that but the economy is definitely a lot better here. and the people are a lot more catholic! so it makes the whole day interesting to say the least! They all believe in the Virgin Maria and in Gauchito Gil... so it’s been a bit difficult to share a message about Jesus around here, hahah.

But I’m doing fine! I’ll let you know next week about the packages!!


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