Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A week for once in Paso de los Libres!

So, this was a pretty good week in Paso de los libres! considering we actually spent the whole week here without much interrupting us from working!  But I don’t really have much to fill you guys in on!  It’s been tranquilo here in the jungle with Elder Curtis! We are still getting pounded by storms every weekend giving us a nice break from the heat!

Thanks, I made sure to mention this in my weekly email to Presidente Franco, I will also see him tomorrow in Corrientes and I can let him know!

That's not actually a river, that's a sewage system...

After the big storm

Hey fam
So, we actually had a pretty good week this week!
So, this week we did emergency divisions with Mercedes after a weird chain of events, but it ended up blessing us more than anything, giving Elder Curtis and I Wednesday to Sunday to work and focus on our area.

We had our district meeting in Mercedes on Tuesday and we have an option of 2 buses to take, one at 11:45 and one at 12:45 (both by the same company) we usually take the 12:45 bus so that we can work all morning long then have a short lunch before the viaje. Well it turns out that, that day we had to for sure take the 11:45 bus so that we could go, have the meeting, then take a 4 o’clock bus out of Mercedes so that we could get to some important charlas we had later that day. Well we get on the 11:45 bus and drive for about 3 minutes before we see that the other bus going towards Pasos (the 12:45 one) broken down on the side of the road. So, we turned around, picked everyone up, and went to Pasos again. After back tracking an hour it seemed like we were in the clear until we got to Mercedes. Until the Gendarmaria stopped our bus (the Gendo is basically like the drug control part of the military) they inspected identification and started checking bags and things like that. It was the 2nd time that I was stopped by the gendo and the first time it didn’t take too long to do their thing.  But this time they took an HOUR AND A HALF! I got so restless sitting on the bus for so long.  So, we finally got to Mercedes at around 4, a 2-hour ride turned into a 4-5-hour ride... it killed me.... So, we had no choice but to take a 10 o’clock bus back to Pasos since there was nothing else in the afternoon... So, we did divisions and it was fun for what it counts!

But with more time to work in our area we got some quality work done (if you want to know in numbers, we had 8 lessons, 6 of them with a member present... I know how you guys are about that...) But we are now waiting on 3 baptisms in these next 2 weeks! This week we hope to have 2 and the next week another one! So, things have really been turning around here in Paso de los Libres!

Other than that, it was a pretty good week! We got a new blender in the pensions after our other one broke! My comp loves making frozen yogurt shakes so I’m not ever mad!  Elder Curtis also had his birthday today! he turned 20!  We played ping pong to celebrate!

Thing in the capilla are finally getting fixed, we got all the windows fixed (only to go back this morning and they had broken one of the brand-new ones...) but things are looking up around here honestly! It was so dead and depressing when I got here. But now the members are doing their visits, people are coming back to church, and were just throwing people in the water these next couple of weeks, so all the members have really turned their attitudes around and we have been seeing some major changes!

But that’s it! Sounds like you guys are having a great time back at home!

But have great week

su Hijo

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