Friday, February 24, 2017

así pasa en Pasos

Hey everyone!
So, it was a pretty crazy week here in Paso de los Libres for sure!

We were able to have 2 baptisms this past week. One for a girl named Oriana and a boy named Leo both happened on different days due to a family emergency, so Oriana was baptized on Thursday and Leo on Saturday.  I’m just going to leave it to pictures since pictures say a thousand words no?

But meanwhile all of this went down we had the biggest storm of my time here in Argentina, flooding our pension and everything. but I’ve gotten accustomed to tropical storms here already so it wasn’t the first time I had to clean up after a storm.

But that’s it! I hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Peters

Hey fam. 
No we don’t get negative stuff about trump.. they ask us about it and stuff but no one feels weird about it towards us.. it just kind of annoying when we go and clap someone’s door and they just want to talk about Trump though...

But in terms of your questions about what they do for a living I will whittle it down to the 2 C's... Changas and Campo. Changas means people go out and do small jobs just to get a few pesos to get by, and then Campo means they go out to do ranch work for 15 days at a time…they basically do the bare minimum to get by instead finding a real job... the women are domestic cleaners, which means they clean their house and the government pays them..
I’m glad the temple opened back up.. it sure would suck to not be able to go for an extended period of time…ya know like 2 years....

I asked about the apartments in raintree just making sure i got signed up and everything, cause everyone else said that they had.  And are you guys going to be driving me down to Utah in that new car??:)

But in terms of this week we had 2 baptisms! And they come with stories! because no baptisms come both were planned for Saturday, so we waited all week for these baptisms to go down...come Thursday we do divisions with the elders of Mercedes here in Pasos. So it was a normal day, Elder Butler and I went out to visit one of our investigator that lived really far... like outside of the city far... and so while we are teaching the lesson we get a phone call from Elder Curtis:

Elder Curtis: "Hey dude I was just talking with the Cardozo family and we have to cancel the baptism this Saturday, they have to travel to Buenos Aires for a family emergency"

5 minutes later  *Phone rings*

Elder Curtis: "Hey dude we’re having the baptism TONIGHT, get on the next bus over here!  We’re going to fill up the font!!"

Turns out that the dad of the mom of the girl getting baptized (grandfather of Oriana it would be) went to the hospital and wasn’t looking too good, so the family had to leave that night to go down to Buenos Aires, and decided after some talking that they would do the baptism that night then leave as a family all together

So Elder Butler and I leave the charla and start making our way to the bus stop when it just starts POURING down rain, black clouds, lightening, and everything. Well I spent the next 2 hours running around in the rain going to and from our pension to the chapel.  Meanwhile, Elder Curtis and another elder were in the chapel filling the font as fast as they can.. we finally had sufficient water at 8:30 at night. And so, we held the service with the 4 of us Elders and the family of 4. It was really nice even though most of the lights in the capilla didn’t work and there was a terrible storm outside but we did it anyways. Right after the service we do the confirmation as well and try to get all the paper work done before we head out, when all the sudden we hear Oriana and her mom screaming at the top of their lungs, the abuelo in B. A. had passed away during the confirmation. So the Dad grabs his screaming daughter in his arms, grabs his wife’s hand says "thank you elders, we'll let you know if we need anything" and they left.. Not the perfect end to a great service. So, we walk back to the pension in the dumping rain in silence and go straight to bed.

The rain did not let up all night and was easily the worst storm I have seen in my time here in Argentina…when we woke up the next morning there was water everywhere and had flooded the pension.  So, we spent all morning using squeegees to push the water out. it was safe to say these divisions were the most exciting of my mission. It was a week of a lot of highs and lows. Luckily Leonardo was baptized Saturday without any major problems!

But overall we are all fine! I have been walking around sick as well these last couple of days after our adventure in the rain a few days ago, nothing too serious but it has been draining me of my energy for sure.

I will be putting pictures in the weekly email of the baptisms so don’t worry
But we are all fine here!
Have a great week!


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