Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Oregon!

So, this was a pretty crazy week to be honest. It all started with a trip to Corrientes Capital AGAIN for a meeting with all the missionaries here in the province of Corrientes. It was pretty fun but the travel still kills me.  We had to leave at 11:45 Monday night to go to a city called Mercedes then at 4 in the morning in Mercedes we hoped in a travel van with all the missionaries in the zone to start the 5-hour trip to Capital.  By the time, we got back (midnight on Tuesday) everything had changed and we spent the rest of the week trying to pick the pieces back together.

But we are doing just fine and have another action-packed week ahead of us! Enjoy a great February 14th back home! It only the greatest holiday of the year, Oregon birthday.

With love from Libres
Elder Peters



Well this week was a crazy week. We didn’t have the baptisms that we were waiting for this week.  We left Tuesday for a meeting and when we got back Wednesday stuff went down changing everything. One of the pioneer members in the rama here has been in the hospital these past weeks and sadly passed away this past week while we were traveling, so out of respect the family of the people getting baptized postponed the baptism without letting us know…so we went all of Wednesday without any knowledge of anything that happened, started making preparations for the baptisms and everything, then found out at around 8 PM that the plans had changed.  The week definitely has felt pretty different, the death definitely took a toll on a lot of the members here. But we have been trying our best to animate all the members again! Hoping that the baptism this next week of Oriana and Leonardo will turn everything around again! BTW Edgar won’t be getting baptized, he still has some things to work on.

But even with everything that happened, yesterday at church was a big day! There were 50 members at church and we had 4 investigators with us. The people did seem kind of down but things slowly turned cheery by the end of the day. Elder Curtis and I gave the sacrament talks (like we always do) and most of the member commented that they really helped them out.

But other than that we are all doing well!  The crazy week is over and we look forward to another good one this week with 2 baptisms! They fixed the light and the water in the church as well so we don’t have to do the baptism in the river.

But all is well!


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