Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Team!

Hey everyone!

So, this week was a good one!  We basically just travelled all week long as always. We had to make our way up to Resistencia for a meeting and then this next week we have another trip planned to go out to Corrientes Capital with everyone in our zone for another meeting... The count of hours of traveling in this area has easily surpassed 60 hours....
But we are doing well!

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Peters

The new zone of Paso de los Libres
Benefits of long bus rides

You hate to see that the snow is gone… here it’s still freaking hot everyday… I’m not sweating as much as I did last year so I think I have finally become Argentine and gotten used to it! 

But this past week was traquilo… we basically spent all week going to and from Resistencia for our leadership meeting so I got to see all of my old companions and stuff and it was fun as always! I’ll send pictures in the group email… but we are doing fine out here!! All is well!



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