Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Re: Mom's Birthday


So, all is going well for us here down here in Paso de los Libres!  This week we made a trip down to Corrientes Capital (is that even a surprise anymore?) to see a worldwide mission broadcast where they announced a change in schedule.  Now P-day starts at 8 am on Mondays! In our mission the schedule didn’t change too much, so nothing else super exciting. In terms of spiritual experiences.... no... there ain’t a lot of that here....

Edgar is doing just fine and progressing ALOT! He loves coming to church and participating in the classes and him and the teacher have become best friends. And our comp study doesn’t really happen when we have to travel so much... This past week we also made a trip out to Curuzu Cuatia to do divisions with the Elders there, and the only buses that leave to go there leave during our study time.

There hasn’t been much else on my mind about school.  As I already said I am fine with what everyone else thinks, but in our group, email it sounds like Raintree is a popular choice!

But it sounds like everyone has been staying busy for the most part! 

But we are doing well and I hope that all goes well for you guys this week!


wow sounds fun... there’s a bunch of lightning and thunder out right now... so we will be looking forward to some pretty humid days these next couple of days....

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